groupe électrogène concert


Making more environmentally friendly music is the challenge we received from our customer, the manager and founder of an events company based in Écuelles which specialises in sound & lighting systems for musical shows.

To provide electrical power for concerts the client decided to acquire generating sets. Sensitive to ecological issues, it was vital to obtain gensets emitting as little pollution as possible.

As the concerts frequently take place outdoors on lawns or close to wooded areas, it was important for the customer that the gensets, as with all other equipment used, were able to satisfy their ecological demands.

Already equipped for lighting with LEDs which consume very little power, the same requirement applied to the enclosures, which also had to be low-consumption and use much less power than traditional systems.

The company therefore selected two BIO ENERGY MOTORS gensets running on vegetable oil (70 kVA gensets), obtained from GELEC ENERGY and perfectly meeting the company’s eco requirements.

Running on vegetable oil, the BIO ENERGY MOTORS gensets offer fuel savings, greater autonomy and are more durable.

“I don’t know about green, but our shows are much less polluting than those organised by most of our competitors, and the odours given off by the gensets even give the spectators an appetite!”, the organiser explains with a smile.

Specially designed to run on new or recycled (used) vegetable oil, this latest generation of engines represents a real advance in green energy and meets the demand among all professionals for alternative energy.

Vegetable oils contain neither lead nor sulphur. Their higher viscosity offers better lubrication and therefore less wear on parts.