chp generator

INNOVATION : CHP – Biofuel – Particle filter

Mobile cogeneration generating set combining biofuel and a particle filter.

In order to meet the highly specific needs of a client, our Design & Engineering Department developed a mobile generating set able to simultaneously produce clean electrical and thermal energy using biofuel and particle filters.

This type of genset meets three particular demands:

Huile cogénération

1) The desire to produce clean energy using biofuels.

This genset includes an injection system specially designed by GELEC enabling it to run on vegetable oil.




2) Optimise the genset’s energy production via a cogeneration system:

GELEC Diesel genset 12 kVAWithin a single machine a unique, ecological and economical solution producing electricity and heat kW by recovering energy released by the engine via an exchanger.

The heat (max 85°) has multiple potential uses such as to power a central heating system or to produce hot water, generating savings and energy independence for homes, construction site accommodation, remote sites and farms.


Filtre à particule - Gelec Energy

3) Reduce pollution and emissions of Nox and Co2

With the F.A.P. (diesel particulate filter) option, the generating set is fitted with an exhaust gas post-combustion treatment system, incorporating dual processing via catalysis and a particle filter.