A diesel generator has been installed at the Mini Green Power biomass plant.

The generator is incorporated within the plant’s cooling system to provide back-up in the event of an outage. In a few weeks a Bi-Oil kit will be integrated with the generator. A Bi-Oil generator is designed to be able to run 100% off vegetable oil (crude or recycled). Diesel is only used to start the engine, to warm up the vegetable oil and reduce its viscosity and to rinse out the pipes.

The Mini Green Power plant will become a hybrid biomass/vegetable oil solution delivering a continuous electricity supply even if biomass is unavailable.

Installation d'un groupe électrogène GELEC - Biomasse : production électricité huile végétale - GELEC Energy at Offsite Construction Show 2016 London
Installation d'un groupe électrogène GELEC - Sécurisation d'une centrale biomasse