groupe électrogène 90 kVA generator maternité porcine - Groupe électrogène maternité porcine

INOVIA has installed a GELEC Energy 90 kVA generator set in a pig maternity unit. The farm is now protected against power cuts!

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HPOD autoconsommation électrique
l'écho du solaire - autoconsommation électrique

For the ‘BePOSITIVE 2017’ show, which was held at Eurexpo Lyon from 8 to 10 March, Hybrid Energy and Monabee launched the Hpod Autoconso.

The Echo du Solaire web magazine passed on this information in an article dedicated to new products for 2017 seen at the show.

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HPOD Mini ultra compact
HPOD Mini ultra compact

The HPOD Mini Ultra Compact is an easily transported 230 V electricity store. It offers 800 W power with a battery life of 1,300 Wh.

Using Lithium battery technology, the HPOD Mini Ultra Compact goes everywhere, like a toolbox with its central carrying handle.

Its sealed PVC casing withstands impacts, scratches and bad weather.

Made in France, guaranteed 1 year.

hpod mini ultra compact