ENERGY SECURE presents its new design at the Paris Healthcare Week show!


ENERGY SECURE guarantees the continuity of your activities in the event of an electrical power network failure following an accident, thunderstorm or flood.

Unique design in France Energy Secure ensures the electricity needed to operate electrical facilities and industrial equipment is permanently available (Maintenance in Operational Conditions).

ENERGY SECURE, subsidiary of the 2AST Group, has created a new backup electricity solution for business users (healthcare facilities, care homes for dependent elderly people, dialysis centre, SME, etc.). There is no subscription or standing charge, no investment, no depreciation, no maintenance, and no consumables. It ensures the electricity needed to operate electrical facilities and industrial equipment is permanently available in the event of a power cut or an electrical fault. This electricity supply is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The French Health and Environment ministries regularly restate the duty placed particularly on socio-medical organisations to provide a means to replace the electricity supply in the event of a power cut, to ensure the safety of people in care. Subscribing to the various backup energy solution packs enables the organisations involved to comply with the law by means of a supply contract (fixed monthly charge) providing precise management and offering numerous advantages.

Like an electricity supply contract (such as EDF), the various backup electricity subscription packs are priced based on the power requirement using different electricity safeguarding formulae offered over 3, 6 or 9 years, from €60 per month.

The video of the BEPOSITIVE 2017 show is available at last!

groupe électrogène 35 kVA generator élevage - Groupe électrogène élevage de veaux

GELEC Energy has equipped a farm with a 35 kVA generator set to protect its calf-rearing sheds from power cuts!

Others available generator powerfull here.

energy self-sufficiency

Self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency – the future of energy…

On 15 February this year a French law was passed to promote the development of self-consumption. Users will now receive investment payments up to €2,400 for a 3 kWc installation.

Electricity production is going to become simpler following this law encouraging self-consumption.

Until now, the owners of solar photovoltaic panels benefitted most from reselling all their production, as the purchase prices paid have been higher than the production cost. The fall in purchase prices, the increase in electricity prices and the considerable drop in the cost of solar installations make self-consumption accessible to everyone.

The HPOD Autoconso allows you to use the power you produce, easily!