Professional football stadiums are obliged to guarantee spectator safety.

They are therefore subject to very strict regulation.

This includes the obligation of having back-up power:

+ The floodlighting and lighting for public areas must be supported by a secondary power source.
+ If the secondary power source is provided by a generating set, the system must be equipped with automatic start-up and enable lights to be switched on again when still hot.
+For events during night hours, the stadiums of professional clubs must have a regulatory 1,200 Lux lighting installation with a back-up power source (generating set) that allows matches to be played at night.

GELEC ENERGY has created an extensive range of generating sets of between 9 and 2,000 kVA. Click here to view the range.

Source : Fédération Française de Football – ground lighting regulation – new text adopted by the federation’s general meeting on 27 June 2009. Validated by the CERFRES committee overseeing sporting installations on 13 April 2010.

A GELEC generating set has been installed in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to secure the power supply at a restaurant and family dwelling.

This 35 kVA generating set was installed to provide cover for the unreliable mains supply. With its integrated source inverter, it starts and takes over as soon as the outage occurs. When the mains power is restored the genset also stops automatically.

More information on the 35 kVA generating set.

The unreliable mains supply in Ivory Coast poses a number of problems. Hotels cannot allow themselves to experience an outage, in the interests of both the comfort and safety of their guests.

The Hotel Le Régent in Grand-Bassam in Ivory Coast, located 5km from the beach, ensures its power supply thanks to a GELEC 180 kVA generating set fitted with a source inverter. The source inverter starts up the generating set whenever there is a power outage. The generating set therefore automatically takes over without human intervention. It also stops automatically when the mains power is restored.

Click here to view our range of generating sets.

Throughout France REXEL holds marketing days where all suppliers are able to come and present their products.

The flagship product at REXEL, the HPOD, was a great success. Its power, recharging speed, ease of use and low weight fascinated the visitors!
The HPOD range is suitable for all situations: Micro for small tools (drills, TVs…), Mini for large tools (forklifts, concrete mixers…), Autoconso (home, office, feedback into the grid, self-consumption …), Stationnaire (large houses, banks, managing multiple energy sources…

We are on these pictures during the REXEL events in Saintes and Angoulême!

Click here for more information on the HPOD range.

REXEL saintes et angouleme le hpod (4)
REXEL saintes et angouleme le hpod (3)
REXEL saintes et angouleme le hpod (4)
REXEL saintes et angouleme le hpod (1)

Right from the beginning of the great GELEC adventure, you have always been able to find us at different open days throughout France to find out about our generating sets! You are given the opportunity to test them and observe how easy our gensets are to use.

Here we are at an open day held at a dairy farm.

If you are also planning to hold an open day at your farm, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we would be delighted to take part!


Juliette François