CHP and hybrid generator


France – current electrical power: variable 5kW to 10kW for construction sites.
As part of a cost-cutting initiative, a large French civil engineering firm wishes to power the living accommodation at its sites using electricity while reducing its environmental impact.
. By selecting GELEC Energy, the firm has been able to meet its 2 objectives:
1- Economic: very significant cost reductions (fuel consumption reduced by 65%). Cogeneration enables heat produced by the generating set’s engine to be recovered at no cost in order to supply the central heating system and produce hot water for personal hygiene.
2- Environmental: lower impact on the environment thanks to a hybrid solution combining photovoltaic power, energy storage, a generating set running on crude vegetable oil and CHP.
Photovoltaic plant producing power of 5 kWc extendable to 10 kWc,
+ 20 kVA PPO technology genset,
+ diesel fuel and PPO tanks for the genset,
+ 46 kWh OPzV power bloc,
+ 24 kVA bidirectional inverters,
+ CHP system with 2 X 1000-litre tanks,
+ All-in-one 20ft ISO container.
The photovoltaic plant is installed on the ground. The generating set, energy storage and power electrics are containerised.
The optimised sizing of the installation gives a cost of €0.30 per kWh produced, cogeneration included, against €0.50 for a generating set alone.