Installation of a HPS (Hybrid Power Station) in Marcillac-Vallon (France)

GELEC Energy installs an HPS in a 14th century house in Aveyron (France)

“The owner of a fully electricity-independent house, thanks to power from photovoltaic panels. […] The project was triggered by the excessively high cost of connecting to the national grid (38,000 euros). Nicolas preferred to invest in installations costing 23,000 euros enabling him to dispense with electricity bills and to write off his investment in just 5 years.” France 3 article

The system consists of :

+ a diesel generating set
+ a CHP system
+ solar pannels
+ a HPOD : automatic control and energy storage

How does it work ?

Our client has electricity available around the clock with no outages guaranteed.
We created an automatic system that manages all the connected energy sources. The solar panels provide energy during the day and the surplus produced is stored and re-used when there is no sun. If the battery level is low, the generating set starts up and recharges the HPOD at the same time. The system is independent and silent. The HPOD does not emit any greenhouse gases.
The CHP system integrated with the generating set provides our client with hot water.

The CHP system integrated to the genset provides hot water to our client.